AI-Based Structure Laboratory with ANalytical Thinking

Associate Professor


고완식Wanshik Ko

  • PhD course
  • EUKOR Car Carriers Inc.


  • Tokyo University of Maritime Science and Technology

    March 2017

    February 2019

    M.S. in Maritime Logistics
    "Alarm indexes of capsizing based on the detection of three dimensional center of gravity"
  • Korea Maritime and Ocean University

    March 2009

    February 2013

    B.S. in Navigation Engineering


  • Superintendent of EUKOR Car Carriers Inc

    June 2022


  • Superintendent of Fujitrans Corporation

    April 2019

    May 2022

  • Navigation Officer of Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd

    March 2013

    February 2017

Research field

Artificial Neural Networks Based Gas Emission Prediction