AI-Based Structure Laboratory with ANalytical Thinking

RISK Assessment

RISK Assessment


Research and application for the design / manufacturing of a system in terms of RISK & Reliability

Engineering key factors

Technical feasibility safety & environment / economic competence

Hazardous Identification (HAZID)

Hazardous Operability (HAZOP)

Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Risk & Reliability Assessment

Conceptual Design
Basic Design(FEED)
Detail Design
Hazard Identification
Hazard Identification
Qualitative Risk Analysis
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Repeat design until risk is ALARP
부산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 양산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 김해 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 울산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트